Server Administration
Web Server (apache httpd), DNS (bind), Email (sendmail, ipop, imap), SQL (MySQL, MSSQL), etc.
Software Development
Custom Web, Windows, or Mobile Applications, Real-time Telemetry and Control Systems

Current Contracts

Filters-NOW, LLC
Contractor: May 2013 - present
Project: Titan
Started: Feb 2013 | Status: Active Development
Project: Phoenix (using the Titan Platform)
Started: Sep 2013 | Status: Active Development
Project: Tonnage: Privateers
Started: Jan 2014 | Status: Active Development


Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS 1996-1998
Worked as Computer Science tutor for the MSU Athletic Dept.
Member, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
Holmes Community College, Goodman, MS 1994-1996
Presidential Full Scholarship based on 32 ACT (out of 35, equivalent to 33 out of 36 on the current scale)
Member, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Other Experience

I have been actively programming since 1989. My first commercial software was one of the first audio editing programs available (with a DOS text UI and an ASCII-art audio waveform) for the Alabama Radio Network, and was also sold to several radio stations.
I have developed applications for DOS, Windows, Linux, and embedded hardware (for telemetry and control of remote sites).
Programming Languages:
  • BASIC (** from gw/basica to .NET)
  • C/C++ (*)
  • C# (**)
  • CoBOL (*)
  • ForTran (*)
  • Java (*)
  • JavaScript (***)
  • Pascal (*)
  • Perl (*)
  • PHP (****)
(* exposed, ** familiar, *** good, **** expert)